An athlete is only as good as the team behind

Dan Lorang

Profession as a calling, the graduate sports scientist with a focus on competitive sports sees his task in accompanying athletes on the way to their personal goals. In addition to his wealth of experience, he relies on a broad network of specialists that he puts together individually with his athletes.
"Athlete centered, coach driven, performance oriented" Performance diagnostician, team trainer in cycling, regional and national trainer in triathlon, personal coach of numerous successful athletes, are just some of the stations that Dan has gone through in the course of his career. "To develop people and to get developed by them is one of the most exciting and valuable experience in coaching".
Driven by the desire to always break new ground and get the most out of his athletes, he works scientifically "state of the art" without losing focus on the factors "human" and "personality". The combination of data , Instinct, feeling, feedback and experience help him to push athletes to their limits and to get the best out of themselves.

Michael Hahn

The former German champion and record holder in swimming medley has been particularly committed to open water swimming for many years. He heads the Central University Sports of the Technical University of Munich and the swimming department at the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences. As a member of the teaching staff in the Bavarian Swimming Association, he has been passing on his knowledge in the field of applied training and movement sciences to young coaches and in an advisory capacity to top swimmers and triathletes. He gets a satisfied smile when supposedly exhausted athletes venture into new dimensions through his impulses.

Sabrina Hoppe

Her strength is to recognize the athlete as a complex unit, to interpret it and to produce maximum performance. She works with valuable knowledge, impressive ideas and the necessary instinct for movement and training theory on personal weaknesses in order to fully exploit the potential of each individual athlete. In addition to her work as a physiotherapist at Sportsmed - Saar, she is responsible for preparing the races for competitions, providing support during training camps and implementing and preparing the daily training units. Thanks to their daily commitment, the pursuit of top performance and their commitment to competitive sport, top performance is possible. Sabrina has been the secret weapon in all areas of physiotherapy, prevention, rehabilitation and sports therapy since 2017. To switch to the long distance and to practice sport at this level would not be possible without their daily commitment. It regularly brings the body out of the comfort zone and never enables achievements that were intended for possible. Her inner drive and her vigilance to get the most out of her make her irreplaceable.